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The Auto Accident Pain Relief Center of Illinois focuses on the management of pain and rehabilitation that is often required after an automobile accident.  We specialize in restoring mobility, reducing joint pain, remediating concussion symptoms, reducing whiplash symptoms and managing headache pain.  We do this without drugs or surgery.




Something that sets us apart from other chiropractic firms is our unique expertise in helping lawyers (and clients) win their accident claim cases.   Work with us and help your client get the best possible settlement.

How We Can Help You


Why people work with us

Auto Accident Clients

Head and neck, muscle, and soft tissue injuries due to automobile accidents can often be treated without opioids.  Here are some of the reasons why we are the best in Elmhurst, IL

Our practice focuses mainly on injuries related to automobile accidents

Our pain reduction methods will help avoid opioid addiction that sometimes occurs with pain management after an accident

We can treat injuries such as muscle and ligament micro tears that are proven with X-Rays, a common occurrence in auto accidents

We help reduce scar tissue and inflammation and restore mobility lost due to a car accident

We can take you from initial work-up to the courtroom. We collaborate with your attorney to give you the care you need and the settlement you deserve. 

Auto Accident Lawyers

With over 23 years of experience helping lawyers better serve their clients by proving the damage caused negligent driving.  Here are some of the reasons lawyers choose us.

We explain the short term and long term care required for their clients so they can get the settlement they require

We help remove common rhetoric like:" low impact accidents can't cause damage" or, "that injury was pre-existing". 

We correlate causality with bodily injury, and bodily injury to persistent functional loss

We have trauma qualified experts that will pass a voir dire hearing with credentials in spinal biomechanical engineering, spinal trauma pathology, and accident reconstruction.

We provide a final narrative that is concise and ready for litigation.

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