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Breakthrough study: Chiropractic can address the opioid crisis

"We have a situation where many hundreds of thousands of opioid prescriptions are dispensed every day in the United States." -- James Whedon, DC, MS


Rebecca Moore

We have an opioid crisis in the United States. People that are involved in auto accidents tend to suffer chronic pain. There is an alternative managing pain with just pills.

Breakthrough study: Chiropractic can address the opioid crisis
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I have been a chiropractor for a quarter of a century. I have helped thousands of patients over the years manage a wide variety of pain. When you are in a serious auto accident, you are going to have muscule and soft tissue damage that needs treatment.

This article makes several points that I have been espousing for years. Opioids are being overprescribed all over the United States. This has caused an opioid crisis, especially among our younger population. Opioids do NOT have to be the go-to choice for pain management.

Call me today if you want to manage your pain from an auto accident WITHOUT opioids. There are alternatives for treatment and pain management that do not involve surgery or additive medication. Let us show you a different way to a pain free life.

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