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Low Back Pain Management

Low Back Pain Management

Even minor crashes can cause serious lower back pain. This back pain may not show up for several days, but when it does, it is extremely difficult to manage with home remedies or even over the counter medication. Everyday routine physical movements become painful. You don't want, and probably don't need surgery. You have heard bad things about opioid and NSAID addiction (which you should be concerned about). We can help.

Lower back pain can often be successfully treated by a chiropractor. This is in fact a large part of our business. We provide effective, non-opioid, non-surgical treatment for lower back pain for people who have been in minor and even severe auto accidents.

If you are still suffering from back pain from a car accident, come in and see us today. We can help you with a treatment plan that does not involve opioids or surgery. It's time to get you out of pain.

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