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3 Myths About Your Auto Accident

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

I have many patients that come in after an auto accident and they seem to have similar questions that are not true. I will address 3 of them so you know what to expect if you are in an accident.

1) I don't need an attorney- Attorneys are helpful no matter how severe or small an accident may appear to be. The attorney is an advocate for you, they fight to get your bills paid like your car repairs, healthcare bills, lost wages and any future loss like disability . Some people want to go without an attorney but in my estimation they have the knowledge and experiencing insurance companies. Insurance companies typically want to take the easiest way out of reimbursing you and if you do not know the process in which settlements are made, it is best that you have an attorney do this for you.

2) The damage to my car was minimal, I don't need (healthcare, attorney, repairs to my car. ) Regardless of how much damage was done you should still make contact with an attorney and a trauma trained chiropractor. Why ? Low impact collisions with little to no damage can still cause damage to your car and body. Cars are made to crush under impact, in fact occupants of the vehicle can sustain injuries in as little as 3 miles per hour. Cars crush to disperse energy, thus saving damage to the occupants body. When a car does not crush under impact to disperse the energy, the energy goes right through the car and the occupants. People that are involved in an auto accident sometimes do not experience symptoms for days after an accident. This is why you should be evaluated at a chiropractor's office regardless if you are experiencing symptoms right after an accident.

Low impact crashes also may alter, jolt, displace parts of your vehicle, bend the frame, make the trunk or doors not open properly because something has shifted in the low impact accident. You should bring your car in to an auto body store to assess the damage.

Sometimes people say they don't want an attorney because the accident hardly caused any damage. However as they find out their car is damaged more than they can see, or if they start to have symptoms weeks after the accident, it is always good to develop a relationship with a personal injury attorney. They will be your voice .

3) I don't have any money/insurance. If you are uninsured and you are the no fault driver, you can go through the at fault driver's insurance. We, as physicians and attorneys have the patient sign a lien. A lien basically says that we are withholding getting paid until the case settles. The lien is a legal document that states the patient/client has to pay their bills once a check is disbursed from the insurance company. So initially if the no fault party has no insurance, they don't have to come up with any money for the attorney or physicians.

If you have been experiencing back pain, neck pain, whiplash, headaches, spinal stenosis and live in the Chicago and Chicagoland area like Elmhurst, IL. Berkeley, Stone Park , Melrose Park, Villa Park, Lombard, Oak Brook, Bensenville areas, call us 24/7 at 800-862-5914.

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