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Is it just soft tissue?

You've been in an accident, you're experiencing pain. X-rays. MRI's, neurological exams are all normal. Does this mean that you don't have a problem? It is common rhetoric among defense attorneys, judges and some plaintiff attorneys that you are not injured if you "only" have soft tissue damage after an accident. Well, to be more specific, these injuries are connective tissue injuries. Connective tissue, in an accident refers to the sheath surrounding the muscle, or fascia that gets torn during a sudden acceleration/deceleration incident. The muscle insertion is where the muscle attaches to the bone. This is a stress point where when a muscle is stretched to it's limit, tears away from the bone. Lastly, ligaments that hold your bones in place can get stretched leaving the ligament lax, and not supporting the structures that it surrounds. This predisposes a person to having more damage at less impact !!!

If you have been in an accident, soft tissue injuries are a vague term that is used by defense attorneys to minimize the severity of an injury to favor the insurance companies. Don't let anyone but a trauma qualified physician examine and treat you. If you want a consultation regarding you auto accident, call Auto Accident Pain Relief Center of Illinois. We will work with your attorney to provide a diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan to give you the treatment you need and the settlement you deserve. call us today .

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