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Auto Accidents-Your Pain & Suffering

The CDC considers auto accidents a significant cause of mortality in the United States. It costs Billions of dollars every year in treatment for injuries sustained in a crash, time lost from work, permanent disability and property damage. These auto accidents can be prevented.

There are a few reasons why accidents occur, and these are the most common.

Distracted driving- distracted driving happens when someone is preoccupied with another task. For example, people utilize their phones for texting, accessing a map, checking messages, etc. This takes the focus away from looking straight ahead. A second is all it takes before you are late applying brakes or making a quick turn. Distractions could also occur when someone is eating on the go, checking their make up or hair in the mirror, rubbernecking-looking at something while you are driving, changing the radio or temperature, glare from the sun and even just plain daydreaming. This is a conscious decision to do these tasks. Simply put, you have to make the realization that if you need to utilize a map, make a phone call or check messages, you need to stop and pull over for a few moments before you cause an accident.

Fatigue- fatigue is another common cause of auto accidents. Long drives, inadequate rest and infrequent stops can contribute to fatigue. Drowsy driving is similar to drunken driving. Reaction time is slowed and response time is limited. Early morning driving on a long journey is best so you are recently rested and are able to drive for a significant part of the trip. Fatigue can be mitigated by taking frequent stops to stretch, use the restroom and rest. Proper sleep the night before varies from person to person but typically people should get somewhere from 7-8 hours of sleep daily. If you get less and feel tired, stop at a rest stop or other common area and take a nap. 15-20 minutes can revitalize someone and increase alertness.

Impaired Driving- driving under the use of alcohol or drugs, including prescription drugs will alter your alertness and decrease reaction time. Some people use medications that don't mix well with even a little alcohol. You should be aware of any side effects your medication has and be cognizant of the recommended time that your medication should be taken. Medication taken at night may make someone drowsy and that is why you take it at night. Alcohol affects everyone differently but it is best to not drink and drive at all. Ask someone else to drive or get an alternate driver like a cab or rideshare service.

Speeding- increased speed causes people to lose control of the car, have a decreased reaction time and makes a vehicle lose control when driving in bad weather conditions. Loss of only a second or two can be the difference between stopping in enough of time behind a car. Simple rule is-obey the speed limit. Speed signs are there for a reason, experts know what speed is appropriate for a certain stretch of road. Decrease speed in construction zones, school zones and in bad weather. All of these reasons are common causes of accidents and can be avoided with a little preparation.

Accidents are responsible for whiplash injuries, concussions, headaches, jaw pain, blurred vision, ringing in the ears, back pain, arm pain and leg pain. Costs for these injuries run into the billions yearly in the United States. If you have been involved in an accident and are experiencing these symptoms and live in the Chicagoland area like Elmhurst, Melrose Park, Stone Park, Villa Park, Lombard, Bensenville, Berkeley, Northlake or Oak Brook, call us 24/7 at 800-862-5914.,

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