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Be Good To Yourself

If you have been in a auto accident, I'm sure you want the best care, you want the most caring and attentive doctors working with you, you want attorneys who answer their phones when you call and you want to be compensated for your loss. That loss could be your health, your income, your possessions and any future loss of enjoyment. In order to correlate causality with bodily injury and bodily injury to functional loss, you need to find a physician who can do this. Many times, ER physicians will do an exam on a patient when they come in after an accident. They may take an MRI, CT scan, x-rays to see if you have any broken bones, internal bleeding or other internal damage. Most cars today are equipped with airbags, shoulder seatbelts and other safety measures. These are great because they save lives but constraining an occupant to the seat can cause muscles and ligaments to tear making any underlying issues like arthritis in the spine worse. If the ER doctor and the primary care physician who you saw after your accident only prescribed you a muscle relaxant, pain reliever and physical therapy are doing you a disservice. Nobody wants to be in pain but the medication that is prescribed is like sweeping dirt under the rug. The purpose of the muscle relaxant and pain reliving medication is to allow you to function in your daily life while you get treatment. Simple things like getting out of bed in the morning, bathing, toileting are natural and have to be accomplished. But, many people only take these medications and neglect other parts of their body.

Back pain, for example is self limiting. This means that if you do absolutely nothing, your condition will resolve. It will resolve wrong, but it will resolve. The natural healing process will occur when stretched muscles and ligaments heal with fibrous scar tissue. This scar tissue will cause muscles to be shortened and shortened muscles and connective tissue cannot put a joint through its full range of motion. This causes the cascade of events that lead to arthritis. It takes only six months post trauma for arthritis to occur. If your healthcare provider does not address this, you are not getting good care. You need to see a trauma qualified physician at the Auto Accident Pain Relief Center of Illinois. Where we will not only treat your neck pain, whiplash, headaches, low back pain, disc herniations but we will properly manage the case so your attorney can use this information to negotiate a settlement that is best for you. If you have been in an accident, call us today to discuss your injuries, 800-862-5914.

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