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Car Safety

Sometimes getting in an accident is unavoidable. You can decrease the chances of initiating an accident and protecting the occupants of the vehicle by doing the following simple actions.

1) Go the speed limit. The speed is posted for a reason,higher speed is associated with loss of control of the vehicle and increased damage to your vehicle and others.

2) Decrease your speed according to the weather conditions. Snow, rain and ice are conditions that you should decrease your speed by 15-20 miles per hour on major streets and highways.

3) avoid distractions. No texting or web surfing. Talking on the phone should only be performed with hand-less technology like bluetooth. It only takes a second before you need to stop quickly and every second counts.

4) Don't tailgate other drivers. There is a passing lane and if you need to pass, wait until there is a safe distance between the other vehicles and yours before you pass.

5) Control you emotions. There is no need to get angry, everyone wants to get where they are going safely and on time. Tell yourself that anger can make you drive unsafely and it is better to take a little longer to get where you are going then dealing with a car accident and injuries.

6) Be alert. Driving while tired or under the influence of alcohol or prescription/non-prescription drugs alters your reaction time. Get someone else to drive or take a cab, Uber, etc.

7) Wear a seat belt. Seat belts save lives. It is a product liability, but they will save your life. There is no reason these days to not wear your seat belt.

8) Make sure your gaze is in front of your field of vision so you can appropriately break when needed.

9) Headlights should be on when weather is bad or when you need to utilize your wipers. Many cars have auto lights that come on when it gets dark. Make sure you have your car on this setting.

10) If you are in an accident or have a tire flat or other technical problem, move the vehicle to the side, away from traffic. Place your hazard lights on, call/wait for help. Stay in your vehicle.

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