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Concussions are common outcomes from an auto accident but they are rarely treated properly, most likely because nobody has a treatment that they can concur with. Concussions are commonly called mild traumatic brain injury or mTBI. A concussion can occur when the head is moved in a quick motion or there is direct trauma to the head. In regards to auto accidents, concussions are common because when an occupant is struck in the car, there is an acceleration/deceleration effect which can cause the brain inside the skull to shift. It is most likely that if you are in an auto accident and you have head trauma, or a whiplash type of injury, an ER will be concerned about the patient developing a hematoma, which is leakage of blood inside the skull that puts pressure on the brain. A CT scan is the diagnostic test of choice for this type of injury. The symptoms of a concussion can be, nausea, headache, dizziness, light sensitivity, ringing in the ears, sleep disturbances and depression. Unfortunately these symptoms do not always come out right after an accident. It may take days, weeks or months before the symptoms appear. You do not need to have a CT scan to diagnose a concussion. A thorough evaluation by a trauma trained chiropractor can detect a concussion post accident. You can see my qualifications here:

Rarely are patients given any treatment after a concussion at their medical doctors office or in the ER. Rest is the usual advice which can be detrimental if performed too long. A patient will need more than just a monotherapy. More long lasting relief can come from other treatments like chiropractic manipulation of the spine and head, nutraceuticals, eye exercises and oxygen therapy. Patients can take months to recover from a concussion so it is important to be accessed properly, given a proper diagnosis and treatment.

If you have been in a car accident and are experiencing whiplash, neck pain, low back pain, headaches, sleeplessness, ringing in the ears, jaw pain, shoulder pain, spinal stenosis, sciatica and live in the Chicagoland area like: Elmhurst, Lombard, Villa Park, Bensenville, Northlake, Melrose Park, Oak Brook, Berkeley, Bellwood, Westchester or Glen Ellyn, contact Auto Accident Pain Relief Center of Illinois 24/7 at 800-862-5914.

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