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David and Colossus

If you're an attorney and you do any personal injury you have to be familiar with the Colossus program that insurance companies use. If not, you are fighting a battle against people who have an advantage. The term Colossus comes from a computer program developed by Allstate years ago. All insurance companies utilize a computer program that does the same, but for the sake of this conversation, we will use any computer program used by insurance companies as " Colossus". The purpose of this computer program was to categorize injuries as to their severity. They use information from a physicians notes and billing codes to make a judgement about your client's injuries. Some of these programs take into consideration the zip code where the accident happened because they make a decision about the jurisdiction that the case will be heard. What I want to point out that there is nothing nefarious going on trying to get on level ground against an insurance company that uses this technology. Rather , I want to be more specific in my narrative, notes and coding. This will allow the attorneys to utilize this information to get a mutual settlement that is acceptable to all.

The colossus program assigns a severity rating and gives a value for the claim. Insurance companies look for ways to minimize the severity of the accident. The rhetoric that is commonly used is "it's a low speed crash", " There's no damage to the vehicle", " it's only a soft tissue injury".

If you're an attorney that wants to get an honest settlement from an insurance company. You need to work with someone that knows not only how to treat, but how to manage a case. Specifically, you need someone who is a trauma qualified physician that has a background in MRI evaluation, treating soft tissue and ligament injuries and colossus interpretation. Call now at 800-862-5914.

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