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Do I need X-Rays ?

After an accident, it is common to have x-rays taken of the spine. If you go to the hospital after an accident, the ER physicians are checking for obvious anomalies like fractures and dislocations. Fortunately, most auto accidents involve muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints and discs. We typically don't see life threatening injuries, and that's a good thing. ER physicians aren't looking for things that will make your life miserable days or weeks after an accident. Things like arthritis, disc degeneration, ligamentous instability and even acute disc herniations. People may have a predisposition to more injury if they have these underlying conditions. You need to have any imaging, specifically x-rays evaluated by a trauma trained chiropractor. In the ER, you will most likely be given a muscle relaxant and a pain reliever. Which, from what I have experienced in 25 years of practice is that they have minimal results. The ER is doing the right thing making sure that you don't have any life threatening injuries. Once you are discharged, you need to visit Auto Accident Pain Relief Center of Illinois. We not only will correctly diagnose your underlying conditions, but document and provide a treatment plan regarding your specific diagnosis. If these underlying injuries are not disclosed because there are no x-rays, or even worse, there were x-rays taken but the treating healthcare workers provided an incorrect treatment for your injuries, you can have residual injuries that happen months or years later long after the insurance companies have closed your case.

If you are concerned about radiation from x-rays, the levels of the radiation are minimized by using faster time of the x-ray penetrating your body, using equipment that decreases exposure during the x-ray process and collimating (using lead shielding to focus the x-ray over a certain part of the body). The radiation dosage you get from an x-ray is not cumulative and you are exposed to radiation in your everyday life like t.v.'s computers and your car dashboard for example. The only people that shouldn't get x-rays are pregnant woman. Just for comparison, a CT or CAT scan has 100 times the radiation dosage of an x-ray.

If you have been in an auto accident and are experiencing neck pain, headaches, jaw pain, whiplash, back pain, low back pain, numbness and tingling in your extremities, you need to call Auto Auto Accident Pain Relief Center of Illinois, 24/7 at 800-862-5914.

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