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Do You Need an MRI?

This is a question I get from patients that have been involved in a auto accident frequently. MRI's can be helpful in showing soft tissue(nerves, fat, muscle), fluid(inflammation, blood) and fractures. Often it is helpful in determining if there is numbness and tingling in your arms and legs where the nerve is getting compressed in your spine. Not everyone should be given an MRI after an accident. The necessity is based on clinical need to properly diagnose, prognose and then treat the patient for their injuries.

In order to determine if you need an MRI after an accident, you should see a spinal trauma specialist. It is not enough to simply take an MRI when necessary, but the physician should be able to use this in the diagnosis and treatment of the patient's condition and preparation for court, if necessary. You can see my curriculum vitae here:

If you have been involved in an auto accident and are in the Chicagoland area like, Elmhurst, Oak Brook, Westchester, Bensenville, Lombard, Villa Park, Northlake, Melrose Park, Stone Park, Bellwood, Berkeley or Downers Grove and have been experiencing, numbness, tingling in the arms or legs, headaches, neck pain, low back pain, muscle weakness and inability to move because of pain, call Auto Accident Pain Relief Center, 24/7 at 800-862-5914 to schedule an appointment.

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