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Don't Be a Creep !

Don't worry, that's not a derogatory statement against anyone. Creep, in terms of the musculoskeletal system refers to the deformation that occurs to bones under a prolonged, sustained load and can lead to permanent damage. Creep occurs when the ligaments that hold the bones in place like a strong rubber band lose their texture and no longer support the spinal structures (make sure to read my blog on Wolff's Law). The analogy that I give my patients is that of a deck of cards that are wrapped with a rubber band. If you don't use the cards, keep them in a drawer, over time, the rubber band is not as elastic. It may be dried out, and stretched. This makes the rubber band less taught and prone to failure.

For attorneys, this is an important part of your case. Ligament failure in the neck and low back can cause significant, even permanent consequences for your clients after an accident. Are you prepared to argue this in court? Do you know that ligament failure in the spine can give your client a permanent long term disability, causing them to lose function, be in pain and have exacerbations of their symptoms ? What healthcare providers are you working with that performs a mensuration analysis of the spine that objectively proves this? Here at Auto Accident Pain Relief Center of Illinois we correlate causality, with bodily injury to permanent functional loss. Are your healthcare providers trauma qualified to testify as an expert in court? Will your physicians survive a Voir Dire hearing ? If you care about your clients health in the short and long term, you need to have this analysis by a physician that can testify in court. If you need anymore information on this, or you want to give your clients the care they need to demand the settlement they deserve, you need to call us. 800-862-5914.

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