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Don't Go To The Chiropractor !

Why not ? If someone tells you this run away as fast as you can. Chiropractic has been helping people for over 120 years. For patients that have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, chiropractic should be the #1 choice. Some attorneys, doctors and judges have accepted the rhetoric that is perpetuated by insurance companies. "Don't go to the chiropractor because: (make up your own excuse), it takes too long, it will kill you, it can't be proven, just take this medication, it will get you better quicker, it's too hard to prove in court, the judge doesn't like chiropractors, etc, etc." Actually, chiropractic works too good. When you are involved in an accident rarely are there any life threatening injuries. Mostly, they involve the neuromusculoskeletal system. Your body's muscles will contract to protect yourself, which is what they are supposed to do. But, as a result of the muscle tightening up it will: pull vertebrae out of alignment, cause tearing of muscle fibers, limit range of motion, cause a build-up of lactic acid waste products in your muscles, send aberrant information from the spinal joints up to the spinal cord and then up to the brain resulting in the sensation of pain, cause a fracture of the vertebrae just to name a few. Chiropractic is the best option because if your problem is physical in nature, there will only be a physical solution. Over the counter medications and prescribed drugs might decrease the pain but it masks what is really going on in the spine and with the rise in addiction to pain medication, doctors are not prescribing these. Heat/ice/ointments can help, but these are temporary and again, don't get to the cause of the problem. Physical therapy is helpful but you need to have the spine aligned before you rehabilitate. Not only does chiropractic help by manipulating the spine which causes pressure to be relieved from the nerves, but the chiropractic adjustment sends information from the spinal joints to the spinal cord and then up to the brain where the brain processes the information and actually BLOCKS pain fibers from activation. These will resulting in muscles relaxing, causing range of motion to increase and nerves to transmit freely. If you are in an accident and your attorney is by not using Auto Accident Pain Relief Center of Illinois, you must get them in touch with us because for personal injury cases, we correlate causality to bodily injury and bodily injury to functional loss.You need to be treated by a trauma trained chiropractor. This is important for the patients, and attorneys to show that you are injured and we know how to prove it ! Call us today to ask a question or schedule your appointment to get healthy. 800-862-5914.

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