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Drinking the Cool Aid ?

Attorneys ! Have you been drinking the cool aid ? Who, what and where are you sending your auto accident cases? Are you settling for doctors that are not qualified to opine on auto accident injuries, biomechanics and crash reconstruction ? Are you able to correlate causality with bodily injury and bodily injury to permanent functional loss? Are the physicians you work with able to rebut a defense IME? Are you still believing that the amount of damage to the vehicle equals the same amount of damage to the occupants? How about " it's only a soft tissue injury ?" I'll bet you heard that one before. If you are settling cases that you know you can help your clients out more, you need to be confident that the physicians that you use can take your client from the initial meeting, treatment and to the courtroom. If not, what are you waiting for? Call us for treatment of your clients, second opinions, plaintiff IME's/IME rebuttal and case reviews.

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