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Happy Halloween !

This time of the year, things can get kind of scary. The weather is getting colder, darkness occurs earlier in the day and when the weather gets bad, accidents can happen. It may be due to a slip and fall on a slippery surface, pulling a muscle cleaning out the garage or getting in an automobile accident when the road conditions aren't so great. Many people will attempt to "fix" themselves. I've seen all types, the person who wants to pain to go away without seeking help. They will pop over the counter medications, rub salves on the affected area, put heat and ice over the area. The other kind of person is the one that seeks out our help as soon as possible. Seeking treatment at the Auto Accident pain Relief Center of Illinois is a logical choice.

Back pain is self limiting, which means that if you do absolutely nothing, there is a good chance that your back pain will heal-it will heal wrong, but it'll heal. Let me give you an example on how the body heals itself. Let's say you broke your arm, if you took pain relievers, applied a topical ointment or put ice over the area, it will feel better. It will feel better so long that the fracture heals. It may heal wrong and depending on the type and location of the fracture, you may need surgical repair, casting, bracing or rehab therapy. If this doesn't occur, you may loose function of your arm with the broken bone. The same thing happens when you slip or are in an auto accident. Pain relieving medications, salves and heat/ice may feel good, but it is only buying time for your body to heal itself-incorrectly ! So what's a person to do? First, if you are in an accident, if your life is in danger, you need to see emergency help. If your condition is not life threatening and you are given oral medications and/or topicals, you need to get to a trauma trained chiropractor. Why trauma trained? Because anyone can do the physical treatments, but there is another aspect of accidents associated with litigation, and that is case management. There is a right and wrong way to document accident cases to prepare the case for attorneys and possibly court. Many chiropractors aren't trained in this area. This will affect your settlement and may limit the amount of care you need to properly heal yourself. So if you are injured in an auto accident or have a fall, don't be scared, be educated on the proper way for your body to heal itself. Give Auto Accident Pain Relief Center of Illinois a call at, 800-862-5914.

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