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Herniated Disc ?

Do you have a herniated disc? The discs are the cushions that separate each vertebrae of the spine that allows a space to be open and allow a spinal nerve come out of the spine and out to your extremities. When the space is smaller, this is called stenosis, through degeneration of the spine, tumors, masses people will experience symptoms. Some symptoms that are present when there is stenosis is numbness, tingling in the extremities, muscle fatigue, muscle wasting and pain . The symptoms can be localized at the area or travel to other areas of the body from the spine. This condition can occur with, or without trauma. Having a proper examination and/or imaging studies will help diagnose the condition. Then you need to have the correct prognosis and treatment plan to treat this condition properly. If you were in an auto accident, you will need to have the right case manager to present your condition to the insurance companies and attorneys. Who are you seeing for herniated disc ? Call us today to get better, 800-862-5914.

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