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How to Recover From Whiplash After a Car Accident

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

How to Recover From Whiplash After a Car Accident

If you recently experienced whiplash from a car accident, this guide can help you recover. Here are tips on how to recover from whiplash after an accident.

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Read the words "car accident injury," and you probably think about concussions. It is true that concussions are common in a lot of accidents.

But you should think about whiplash. 90 percent of injuries from rear-end car crashes are neck injuries. They snap the body forward, jerking the neck and damaging the tissues inside.

It is essential that you know how to recover from whiplash. After a car accident, you will feel disoriented and confused. Knowing the facts about car accident pain relief will speed up your recovery.

Get the facts here. Here is your guide on recovering from injuries after a car crash.

Understand the Basics of Whiplash

Whiplash occurs when the neck moves back and forth rapidly. The neck contains a number of tissues, including joints and muscles. Sudden movement can tear these tissues and send pain radiating into the head and shoulders.

The most common symptom of whiplash is pain in the neck and upper back. The pain can be significant. You may feel like your muscles are torn, tingling, or burning.

You may experience a headache or pain in your arms. You may feel lightheaded or dizzy. Less common symptoms include blurred vision, difficulty swallowing, and fatigue.

Whiplash injuries do not come from striking surfaces. They come from sudden and substantial motion that tears tissues. A concussion or a broken bone is independent of whiplash, though some people have both.

Whiplash occurs most often after car accidents. A person can also experience it after dancing or even being on a rollercoaster ride.

How You Can Care for Yourself

As soon as you get into an accident, you should

call for chiropractic attention. Even if you do not think you are injured, you may have been. Adrenaline is flowing through your body and keeping you from noticing pain.

Whiplash does not result in hospitalization, but you may have other car accident injuries. If you suffered a head or chest injury, you can expect emergency room treatment at a minimum.

Hw to Recover From Whiplash After a Car Accidenty discharge you, head home and contact a trauma trained chiropractor US Chiropractic Directory - US Chiropractic Directory ( H

Avoid moving your neck by sitting in a chair with adequate support.

You do not need to put your neck in a brace or cone. Lean back against a pillow or blanket and avoid turning your neck.

If you have swelling, put some ice on your neck. Fill a plastic bag with ice, then wrap the bag in a towel. Apply it to your neck for fifteen minutes.

Many people reach for over-the-counter medications. Tylenol and Advil can help diminish pain. But try to use other methods before turning to pills.

You can return to work whenever you are feeling ready. Try to avoid sitting down or straining your neck as much as possible. Walk around every hour or so to pump blood into your tissues.

What Doctors Can Do

If you have severe pain or chronic symptoms, you should go to your chiropractor for support. Chiropractic can help restore mobility and strength. It can also relieve stress on your spine and surrounding nerves.

Sometimes an auto accident will bring out dormant conditions such as a

disc bugle or herniation. It is important to see a trauma trained chiropractor that knows how to properly work up and treat an injury such as this.

Physical pain can affect your everyday activities. It is important to correlate causality (the accident) to bodily injury (your diagnosed condition) to functional loss ( I can not longer watch t.v. without pain, or, I cant's work at my job any longer because I am in too much pain. )

Even if your pain goes away, you should schedule a follow-up appointment with your doctor. They can conduct scans to make sure your tissues are fully healed.

Your doctor can help with a lawsuit as well. They can give you detailed descriptions of your injuries and expense sheets for your treatments. These can prove damages that you can claim in a civil suit.

The Whiplash Recovery Time Table

You can expect to feel the symptoms of your whiplash soon after the accident. You may feel stiffness or general discomfort before you feel pain.

You can choose to stay at home to recover from the accident. This is not necessary, but it is a good idea if you have other injuries, including anxiety. You can take a couple of days off from work.

Many people believe that because they get better after a day or two, that they're health is improving. Even if the pain is going away, scar tissue formation, muscle tightness, myofascial pain and chronic pain syndromes may occur. Pain relievers, injections, topical ointments are only sweeping dirt under the rug. Eventually, weeks, months or even

years later, your body can manifest problems from the auto accident.

Chronic whiplash is for cases that last longer than three months. If tears in the soft tissue are extensive, they can result in mobility loss or nerve damage.

People with whiplash should pursue chiropractic multiple times a week. Depending on the individual patient, they may notice that their pain has diminished. They should continue therapy until they have full mobility, which can take anywhere from weeks to a few months.

The Basics on How to Recover From Whiplash

You can recover from whiplash once you know the facts. Whiplash occurs after any sudden movement to the neck. It involves damaged soft tissues and presents with pain and stiffness.

Spend some time resting at home. Apply some ice to reduce swelling, but make sure you get up and move a little.

You can turn to a chiropractor for therapy. Most people make a full recovery from whiplash within three months.

Get legal and medical help after a car accident. The Auto Accident Pain Relief Center of Illinois provides great chiropractic services. Contact us today.

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