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I was in an Accident. Should I get an Attorney ?

Yes and yes. I have been in a few accidents myself. After an accident you are confused, in shock and possibly injured. Your car is damaged, how will you get to work? What if I need to get my health attended to? Will I lose money because I can't work? These are concerns everyone experiences after an accident. You need someone that can sort through all of this and be an advocate for you. What kind of lawyer should you choose? My personal opinion is that you should look for someone who has experience in personal injury claims. You don't need to be concerned about cost or payment to the attorney (see my previous post on liens), payment is disbursed after the case is settled so being concerned about if you can afford representation should not be on your mind. Also, choosing an attorney doesn't mean that they have to be located near you. Today, we can have video chat, downloading of documents, esigning, etc. So if there is an attorney that is not near your location but you desire to work with, don't be afraid to contact them.

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