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Independent Medical Examination

Attorney's, have you every received an independent medical examination (IME) from a defendant's insurance company stating that your client's injuries are relegated to a strain/sprain diagnosis? That the injury couldn't be that severe because there is minimal damage to the vehicle? That x-rays are negative? Well, at Auto Accident Pain Relief Center of Illinois, we perform what is called a P-IME, the P stands for plaintiff. Basically this is a second opinion. What we do is gather up the documentation from the treating doctor of your client and the defendant's IME doctor. We thoroughly examine the data and provide a rebuttal if necessary. Many times the defendants insurance company will omit information giving an inaccurate report of the true nature of the patient's condition. If the defendant's IME is legitimate, we will opine accordingly. If not, we will report on the nature of the injury, positive and negative examination findings, imaging results and any other information relevant to the patient's case. This information could be used by the attorneys to justify the care of their clients. In the end, the patient wins because instead of ending care prematurely because of inaccurate reporting by the defendant's insurance IME physician, the patient can continue with care until the injuries resolve or the patient reaches maximum medical improvement.

Call us today for a second opinion for your client. 800-862-5914

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