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Should You Stay, or Should You Go ?

Let's say you've just been in an auto accident. You had no pain after the accident, but it's the next day and now you are feeling bad, really bad. Not only do you have low back pain, but you also are experiencing numbness in your right foot. Do you need surgery ? Should you go see an orthopedist? Neurosurgeon ? Primary care doctor? Chiropractor ? When you get numbness and tingling as well as muscle weakness in the legs, it can mean that the discs in your spine are putting pressure on the nerve in your back, commonly, the sciatic nerve which will give you these symptoms. This only becomes a surgical case when the disc material has extruded outside of the disc margins and now the internal contents of the disc are touching the nerve. Think of a jelly doughnut, if you squeeze it, it bulges. If you squeeze it too much, the jelly in the doughnut cam come completely out of the doughnut. Disc bulges in your back are usually caused by a chronic degenerative condition. Combine this with an auto accident and the disc can put pressure on the nerve. If the accident caused your disc to "rupture" it means that the impact has caused acute trauma to the disc causing the internal material to come out. Don't let attorney's, doctors or any others decide if you need surgery. You should always start conservatively and work your way along. If conservative treatments fail after a significant amount of time, then, you should get a referral. Many times disc bulges, protrusions can be successfully treated with chiropractic treatments only. So, is the chiropractor, orthopedist, PCP, etc you are going to for your auto accident a trauma qualified physician ? Do they have a background in crash dynamics, MRI interpretation and spinal trauma pathology? If not, you may be getting an improper diagnoses and treatment. You can check out my credentials here:

So, being in a auto accident and experiencing pain into the legs or arms does not mean you need surgery. What you should do, is find a physician who can properly diagnose and prognose your condition and correlate causality to bodily injury, and bodily injury to functional loss. Give us a call, 800-862-5914. We give you the treatment you need, and you get the settlement you deserve.

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