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What are Credentials ?

What are credentials, and why are they important? This may not mean much to a new patient, but choosing the correct doctor to treat you for your condition is important not only for your health and safety, but for case management as well. If you are seeing a doctor that has no experience with personal injury/auto accidents, you may not be getting the care that is necessary. Oftentimes people are taken to the emergency room after an accident. This is good to rule out any life threatening injuries. Fortunately, many auto accidents do not have these serious complications. They do, come with muscle soreness, muscle tightness, back pain, headaches, arm and leg pain, etc. Once you are discharged from the ER because you have no life threatening injuries, is taking a pain medication or muscle relaxant good enough

Since the opioid crisis, physicians are less likely to prescribe these drugs. Rarely, in my clinical experience do they give relief. If your problem is physical in nature, there will only be a physical solution. Realigning the spine to remove pressure off of pain sensitive nerves, relaxing muscles and rehabilitating the area when the condition is feeling better is a much more prudent way of dealing with non-life threatening injuries.

If you need to see my qualifications, you can click here, , just type in your zip code and see who is most qualified to treat your case. Decide for yourself if the people that are treating you have the qualifications to not only get you well, but manage your case with attorneys and insurance companies.

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