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What is an MRI ?

It is common to have an MRI performed if someone is experiencing symptoms that are consistent with nerve irritation after an accident. Sometimes these symptoms do not occur for days, or maybe weeks after an accident. MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. Instead of an x-ray or a CT scan that produces radiation to penetrate the body allowing it to visualize internal structures, an MRI uses magnets to realign electrons in the body that show up on an image. Typically, MRI is utilized to see soft tissue structures like nerves, swelling of tissues, changes in tissue textures. When a person has an MRI performed, let's say of the low back, they are placed on their back and slid through a large tube that houses the magnets. These magnets spin very fast and produce a magnetic field that visualizes internal bodily structures at different angles. There are advantages to having a test like this done. First, there is no radiation produced so someone who may be immune compromised and doesn't want radiation in their body will benefit from getting the image without submitting their body to any radiation. Second, doctors can see soft tissue structures that they can't see on x-ray. This can help in diagnosing conditions that are primarily soft tissues like spinal discs, swelling after an injury or internal bleeding for example. Lastly, MRI is an excellent way to objectively prove in a personal injury case that a patient has a health issue associated with trauma.

Not everyone will need an MRI, but if you are in an accident, will your physician be able to correlate causality with bodily injury, and bodily injury with functional loss? Is your healthcare provider a trauma qualified physician that has a background in spinal trauma pathology ? These are qualities that a person should look for when they are searching for help after a auto accident. You can see my qualifications here: US Chiropractic Directory - US Chiropractic Directory ( . And when you want to get better, you can call the Illinois Auto Accident Pain Relief Center at 800-862-5914 24/7 to schedule an appointment.

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