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Who you gonna call ?

You've been in an accident last week. You didn't go to the hospital, and now you think it's a good time to seek treatment. Who will you call? Your primary physician? Or, a chiropractor trained as a trauma qualified spine specialist? Well, most of the time, auto accidents are not fatal, and usually the cause of a person's pain is due to musculoskeletal origin. Now, if your spine pain is due to tumor, fracture or infection, a primary care doctor is a good one to go to. They can run lab tests and determine if your condition is due to the any after mentioned issues. But do you go to them for a car accident ? Usually the end result is that you are given pain medication (maybe), a muscle relaxant and probably physical therapy. This doesn't get to the cause of your spinal pain, it just masks your symptoms while your body heals itself (incorrectly I might add) and then the patient believes that their pain was solved because they took a muscle relaxant and pain reliever. Physical therapy helps, but should be initiated after chiropractic care. And, do any of the previous healthcare workers I mentioned have a background in spinal biomechanics and accident reconstruction? This helps if, or when you have to go to court. Will these providers be considered experts ? Or, will their testimonies be invalid ?

If you are involved in an accident, the first thing you should do is contact a trauma qualified chiropractor. These doctors have a background in accident reconstruction, spinal biomechanics and MRI interpretation. If your problem is physical in nature, there will only be a physical solution. Your spine needs to be assessed and treatment rendered to relieve pressure off the nerves that are causing pain. There will be no medication that will remove pressure of your nerves. It just modifies pain signals sent to your brain while the body lays down scar tissue in the muscles, joints and tendons/ligaments. When this happens, with as little as six months, you will have shortening of muscles, shortened muscles cause a joint to not go through it's full range of motion, as a result arthritis will occur. See my last blog on Wolff's Law for more on how this occurs. If you have been in an accident and want to get better correctly, call us at 800-862-5914.

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