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Why am I still in pain ?

Why are you still in pain ? Well, there are several reasons why you may still be experiencing pain after you auto accident. First, people have to understand that not everyone gets better after a few days. Some people deal with injuries that can linger for weeks, months or even be permanent. Patients need to understand that the healing process of muscles, tendons and joints involving inflammation and spasm results in pain and limited range of motion. This can cause a person to be limited in their activities of daily living like working, sleeping, dressing and toileting.

A proper diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan will get the patient right on target to receiving the proper care that gets them better as fast as they can. For over twenty years we have seen people with expectations that may not mirror reality. Rarely does a steroid injection, muscle relaxants or pain medication relieve the symptoms. If a problem is physical in nature, there will only be a physical solution. Call us at the Auto Accident Pain Relief Center of Illinois. We can take you from the initial work-up through treatment, rehabilitation and finally the courtroom. If you have not been treated after an accident, or you are not getting the results you expect, give us a call. 800-862-5914.

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