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Attorneys-Win @ Personal Injury

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

It doesn't matter if you are an attorney reading this or an injured person, personal injury can be a game that you can't win if you don't know the rules. A client pays an insurance company to insure them in the case of a loss. Whether it be personal property loss or bodily injury, insurance is a safety net when we are in an accident and we need assistance, it won't make us use up our savings just to fix what may or not be our fault. Since many of us won't need to use the insurance (hopefully), it provides us a low cost way to maintain this safety, and when, or if the time arises, we know that the insurance company will have our back. Insurance companies are a business like any other. They have to take in more income than then spend to make a profit. Unfortunately there are unethical practices on both sides. Some healthcare providers have abused the insurance company by billing for things they didn't do or overcharging for things they did. Likewise, insurance companies do unethical practices like minimizing a person's injury so they have to pay less, or trying to close the case before a person starts to experience symptoms so they can blame some other activity as the cause for the pain, loss of range of motion, headaches, etc.

For us, it's easy to play the game, for lack of a better term. We correlate causality with bodily injury and bodily injury with functional loss. What this does is objectively prove to the insurance companies that a person has a significant, or insignificant injury. If there are no objective findings to report to the insurance companies, then the injuries are usually quicker to heal as opposed to more positive objective findings that may take time to heal. If your an attorney, then you need to utilize our services so you can have objective evidence to back up your clients. If you are an injured party, you'll want to use our services because not only will we be able to get you out of pain, functional and back to yourself but we will have all the evidence your attorney needs to justify your care in court. If you are an injured party and are in the Elmhurst, IL. area as well as Villa Park, Lombard, Melrose Park, Berkeley, Stone Park, Northlake, Oak Brook, Chicago and the Chicagoland area and have been experiencing back pain, neck pain, headaches, whiplash, arm pain, shoulder pain, knee pain after being in an accident, you need to call Auto Accident Pain Relief Center of Illinois today at 800-862-5914, 24/7. If you are an attorney who cares about your client's health and wants to have a case that is defensible in court, and you like winning at personal injury, you need to hire us for plaintiff IME's, second opinions, or just sending your new personal injury case to our office to give your client some relief, call Auto Accident Pain Relief Center of Illinois at 800-862-5914. We give patients the care they need and the settlement they deserve.

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